Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Pudhina - Mentha arvensis - Mint leaves

Pudhina Coconut Pottukadalai

Pudhina bath flavoured with Lemon and Crispy Murukku

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It was The Great Gatsby which introduced me to Mint Juleps. Mojito Blast in Pizza Hut for 85 + don't forget the ohSoLittle VAT and other taxes! I could have made at least 45 Mojito blasts with 5 rupees Pudhina from market. Only this evening, am going to make idli mavu, to make mom's life simpler. So it was sugandha pudhina bath for breaking fast. Nothing can beat soft steaming kanchipuram idlis with fresh mint chutney, next is ghee laced crisp dosas and pudhina chutney. Would try Mojito or Juleps on some hot summer afternoon without ice, not now.

Yes'day after we crossed the arch, there was this Bhairavar sannithi, hidden by shops, near market with a sculpted dog in front of the deity. I was missing temple on tuesday and was glad to have darshan of Subrahmanya Swami and light lamp, unexpectedly in the middle of market. The best part of trip was 1/4 kg uthiri mallipoo for 10. Living in a prohibited defense area, our infrequent buses from chathram takes little more than hour to reach home and i didn't realize how 1 hour flew by, as I sat savouring the divine fragrance of jasmine flowers while making a mini garland - 50:50 - for God and kesham.

6 months later
Pudhina, Curry leaves, Hridayagandha

Kothumai-Kambu-Arisi mix dosa - Corriander-Curry-Pudhina Mix chutney

Pudhina Paneer

Pudhina, Corriander, Curry Leaves, Ginger Paneer

Pudhina Paneer with Soft Crispy Chappathis
Ajwain Parantha with Pudhina Paneer with cashew paste
Wonder, how long it would take to get disinterested in food. Did i really miss mom or home food that i travelled unreserved on Friday night for 4 days Christmas leave. With my feet's odema matching  kurma prushtajaeishnu prapadanvita thanks to 10 hours sleepless sitting travel in bus. Tears accumulated, the moment i boarded the Salem bus, thinking am going home after a month. Anyway, mom as usual, has work to do even on weekends. I let myself in, unlatching the door and slept like a log till 11:23. She had gone out to buy vegetables for me. I like cooking, as long as it is not an everyday chore, but rather an option.

Living alone, mom does not make usual idli mavu, rather makes a multigrain dosa with kambu (bajra), kelvaragu (ragi), wheat. Am glad, at least, she has stopped the 2 Rs Ration rice for food. At least she buys vegetables, when am home. Else, it will be the same old kathirika or whatever else is the cheapest. When I told my brother that i am going home, he said, he would warn mom about impending storm. This afternoon, Mom told me that my brother had told her, that tsunami is coming home.

Nutrition is only 25% in the food we prepare, the rest in the happiness we share with family back home. Wonder, when i would stop giving too much weightage to food and its presentation.



Lalitha Mani said...

can you please share the recipe of Kothumai-Kambu-Arisi mix dosa. also the proportion

SS said...

Just add enough wheat flour to kambu flour, so that you get the dosa batter consistency. Say for 1 cup kambu flour, add a half a cup wheat flour and 4 tbsps rice flour. Else you could add hot water or curd to kambu flour like we do for rava dosa and need not add wheat/rice flour at all. You could change the proportions the way you like it best. In summers, have more of rice flour, in evenings or cold time, have more of kambu and wheat flour to the batter.