Thursday, June 21, 2012

Murangai Keerai and Titkalabu

Tomato, Ginger Mango, Drumstick Leaves, Sorakka

Mango, Sundal, Murangai Keerai Sambar, Sorakka Kootu, MangaInji Thokku, Curd
Menu (anticlockwise)
Delicious Mango slices
Channa sundal
Murangai Keerai Sambar
Sorakkai (titkalabu) kootu
Tangy Maanga Inji Thokku
Fresh fragrant Curd

Am a big fan of mango, ripe or unripe. Who is not! My favourite is ripe mango, next is spicy mavadu, and then comes tangy manga inji thokku. You can mix thokku with plain rice, bread, chappathis, or just eat it just like that. Sweet, spicy, tangilicious. Am concerned that this mango is so ripe in just 1/3rd of its original size; but it is one of those very rare mangoes, that didn't get jammy around the seed, nor mushy on the side, as it fell from the tree. Normally, if 2 fruits fall down, only 1/4th is eatable.

Vitamin A, and instantly papaya, carrot, pumpkin and all orangish yellow fruits would come to my mind. Never realized that murangai keerai was so packed, 3.8 times more Vit A than carrot, 7 times more vitamin C than oranges according to wiki.

And nothing is so fulfilling as thayir sadham, the aroma of fresh curd is simply heavenly. That along with inji maanga thokku is ultimate finishing. But my tummy was full, after just ghee laced sambar and one mouthful of thokku sadham that I resorted to having curd with jaggery for dessert.

On tuesday, mom was telling me that I was doing too much for a white haired lady. I reminded her that cooking food for her was just centimeters compared to her thousands of kilometers. Anyway, she plucks all the green things in the morning for lunch and I just cook and serve.

Thinking about guruvar, reminds me of my nephew Akshay Guru (July 15), who has a Hamsa Mahapurush yoga. Guess, the year before last, when guru was in his swakshetra meena, many babies who also had it as a kendra, ended with this yoga. Tomorrow, at 10 am, am going to meet his father, my cousin (Dec 15) in hospital's blood donation camp. Hope my Hb is at least 12, then i should be able to donate. For years, he has been donating blood once every 3 months. Mine was around 11 point something, so close to 12, when i checked it last time. My batchmate (Apr 24) who had guru in her 7th house, married a guy months junior to her and her first baby girl also had Hamsa Mahapurush yoga. Nothing can be so engrossing as astrological connections for mother, father and the children falling in place.

The most amazing information I learnt was that, even if a girl is expecting her periods the next day, she can donate blood, according to doctors in LSTV on Blood Donation Day. There was this talk on how the contribution of girls in voluntary donation (not replacement) of blood was only 6% in India as per WHO report. I was thinking, they are wasting time, are they not aware, that 60% of Indian women suffer from chronic anemia. But after listening, i realized, to be able to give blood is such a boosting factor, makes you feel good and strong. But most important is that forces you to maintain good health.

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