Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Aromatic Girinimba -Murraya koenegii - Curry leaves

Curry Leaves Brinjal Drumstick Leaves Tomatoes
Brinjals, CurryLeaves, Drumstick Leaves, Tomatoes

Meals for mom
Menu (anticlockwise)
Delicious Condensed milk kheer
Wholesome Moong dal with jaggery
Karuvepuillai thuvayal
Murangai Keerai Poriyal
Brinjal Sambar

I mostly use the vegetables I don't like on Tuesdays. So, it was brinjal sambar today. In fact, today I can add lots of garlic, small onions and tamarind to thuvayal for mom, since she likes them tangy. This lunch was exclusively for her. There were surprisingly 3 packets of milk in freezer, so kheer. At the rate at which it is solidifying, in 1 hour from now, it will become palkova, in the low flame. I read somewhere in lalkitab, that people with certain planetary placements should not make palkova or paneer. Wonder why? For the next few days, till the leaves get over, it is going to be karuvepuillai dishes. Here is a good writeup on Karuvepuillai.

Last month, my mentor told me, he frames his questions with flower bouquets. His colleague frames questions with ATM while interviewing. That got me thinking, why these anchor words, a fa├žade for what, why this attachment to these things? Am super excited since learning, what a person's mind will repeatedly think about in loops, kind of draining mental energy, while reading about buddh placement. While it is easy to discern the broad areas and particular aspects of draining thoughts, am yet to figure out link between the words a person would utter or project and his genuine thoughts. There are very few, who express in words, what they really, actually think. Fewer still, who have the discipline to translate those words to action.

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