Friday, June 22, 2012

Solanum nigrum - Manathakali - Kakamanci In a Jiffy...

Kakamanci - Manathakkaali
Manathakkali Keerai and Radish

Moong dal, moong soup, carrot, coconut curry leaf chutney, keerai, sambar, mangoes

Was up till 2 am and first thing in the morning, missing my physical routine, was working on my brother's marketing thing. Suddenly, net connection went off and when i saw the actual time; I had just 20 minutes before mom would expect her lunch. Thankfully, mom was also late and it was a needless hurry with me missing my usual svasthavritha VIHE lectures while cooking.

Menu (anticlockwise)
Moong dal sweetened with jaggery and a sprinkle of fresh coconut
Moong water soup with digestive cumin pepper
Fresh Carrot slices
Coconut curry leaf chutney
Manathakkali keerai poriyal
Radish Sambar
Sweet green mangoes

Periyamma had got coconuts and plucked keerai from village. Seemed so much, after cooking it fit only 2 cups. Wanted to make something with beans for friday, but radish I had kept aside for mooli paranthas, would not last another day, something is wrong with the fridge. Radish, carrots etc ought not be peeled off since that's where maximum nutrients are located, but could not help peeling, given the state of radishes. Learnt radish, cabbage should be used minimally for vata constitution. Wanted to make maanga thokku, but the green mango, turned out to be cloyingly sweet inside. Wanted to make pesarattu, but ended up adding soaked moong dal to adai mix and the left over for my sweet tooth.

My cousin dropped in just as I finished my moong before curd, thankfully, I had saved a ripe mango for dinner. So he had mom's share of sweetened moong and sweet mangoes cubes. Communication gap + his to attending to Chief Guest. He said the camp was over, when i called him after preparing lunch to donate blood. I had not expected him home, since he said, he can't leave his 15 colleagues. Only 50 donated blood in camp it seems. Anyway, his lab in thillainagar is 40 minutes away, i can always drop to his lab. Thillainagar means a bluemoon pizza for me.

Kakamanci yet another lazy day

Manathakkali coconut curry, Tangy Mango, Pumpkin seeds fried in ghee, Venpongal

Months later, i told my dentist sister that my nails are curving up slightly. She said, zinc deficiency, so i added crunchy pumpkin seeds fried in ghee. Wanted to see, how the pumpkin seeds tasted. They were crispy and yummy, guess, while am at home, i will polish off the rest.

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