Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The last meal with Hridayagandha - Cilantro - Coriandrum sativum

Beetroot, Radish, Tomato, Carrot, Corriander Leaves

Menu (anticlockwise)
Yummy fresh mango slices
Pomegrenate Seed with Jaggery
Gaajjar ka Halwa
Dhaniya Chutney
Crunchy Beetroot poriyal
Pudhina Chutney
Radish Sambar
Whole Green Moong Dal Sundal
Crispy murukku

Health benefits
Corriander - benefits ayurveda and this
Beetroot, soup recipe

I started this day with Pomegranate juice and so added jaggery to make a yummy sweet dish from the pomegrenate seeds. And a tiny carrot was somehow well hidden all these days in the fridge, so ghee dripping carrot halwa sweetened with gur.  Some prefer onions and garlic for corriander chutney, i prefer little coconut. Some put pepper, i put chillies. Ultimately, no matter how healthy the dish is, if it is not tasty, one should not eat it. Taste is king. No wonder ayurveda divides food based on 6 tastes. Nothing can be so cleansing as fresh mint and corriander chutneys for glowing skin. At home, sukku malli kapi is an essential part of our happiness. Jane Austen would prescribe apple pies.

Back to Pudhina, i thought lemon juice would keep the chutney green, but it didn't; and the top layer oxidized so quickly, though, the chutney below the top layer was still refreshingly green.

My colleague prefers beetroot halwa, my roomie likes beetroot with fresh green peas, my cousin likes with raitha. I prefer it scrapped and sauteed not more than a minute. That with chappathis is too good. There is no end to beetroot's incarnations.

A kapha would be satisfied with one sweet dish. But at times, variety is the spice of life. My tummy was full, just after pomegrenate, carrot halwa, and few mouthfuls of sambar sadham and I ended up drinking plain curd with corriander chutney. And the corriander chutney raita was so cooling and satiating. My last meal at home, how quickly time flies by!

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