Saturday, June 23, 2012

For grandmom

Brinjal, Snake gourd, Curry Leaves, Tomatoes, Sabre Beans

Vadai Payasam

Paccha arisi Pal payasam
Yummy mango slices
Nei Paruppu
Podalangai Poriyal
Kathrika poriyal
Ullundu milagu Vadai
Avarakkai Sambar
Kathrika Puli Kolambu

It was for dad's mom and mom did all chopping and cooking, with me just assisting here and there. Am not a big fan of brinjals, but mom is. Thanks to my sister comparing cooked brinjal seeds to tadpole eggs in 12th standard. Avarakkai sambar is one of our common favourites.

The earliest memory, I have of grandmom is in our village Mahadevi. She was born in Ooty hills. She used to tell andrendaBatchi prince stories. She would make delicious kuli-chatti-panyarams, (KCPs in our home) and had a distinct kai manam. I preferred the salted ones with thick coconut chutney, to the sweet panyarams. She was caring, quite sensitive and she liked kathripoo (violet) coloured saris.

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