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खलतक्रनिर्माणविधिर्गुणाश्च​ | Buttermilk for 80 types of vAta disorders

पुनर्नवा तथा वह्रटजाजीतक्रसमुद्भवम् । वासितं धनसारेण वातश्लेष्महरं शुभम्॥ १५१॥
खलं गुल्महरं शीघ्रं पुष्पैश्च सुमनोहरैः । अशीवातजान् रोगान् जठरानलवृद्धिकृत्॥ १५२॥
source: Page 31 of  Pākdarpaṇa of Nala by Dr. Madhulikha

खल m. place, thorn apple, granary, battle, threshing floor, mischievous/ wicked person, site, buttermilk boiled with acidic vegetables and spices, sour mangosteen, soil, contest, mould, sun, earth, sedimentation
तक्र - buttermilk

Below is the translation from the book:
Procedure for the preparation of Khala Takra and its properties


Soak fragrant flowers for 48 minutes in buttermilk and remove flowers
Take punarnava, chithrak and jeera and buttermilk and scent it with camphor and aromatic plants and cook in proper way.

It is used to alleviate disorders of vAta and श्लेष्म (phelgm/mucus)
It also controls गुल्म (hysteria | abdominal gaseous tumour) and subsides 80 types of vata disorders. It is also appetizer (source: Pākdarpaṇa)

Chitrak source
source evaidyaji

This is another work in progress post. Both chithrak and punarnava are there in quarters, mom says, we have to just walk around. All i have is BV pundits ChitrakAdi vati. Mom can't bend to pluck saaranai keerai, and i can't identify without her guidance. All naattu marundhu kadai powders are brown. Fact is any medicinal powder has useful life only for 6 months. Seems simpler compared to temana buttermilk which involved deer musk.

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