Sunday, December 8, 2013

Thumbai Chutney - Kovai Kootu - VaathaNarayanan Poriyal - Vaazhai Poo More Kootu - Meals

Outer cups R->L: Carrot Halwa, Avarakai Sambar, Lemon Rasam, Curd
Inside Plate R->L: Pudhina Ajwain Roti, Thumbai Chutney, Kovai Kootu, Vendaika Sukku poriyal,  Arisi Murukku, VaathaNarayananKeerai poriyal, VaazhaiPooKootu

Thumbai Chutney
Roasted channa and black gram dal, sauted Thumbai leaves, and grinded with a little bit of chilli and shredded coconut.

Kovai Kootu
Fried mustard seeds with curry leaves and asafoetida. Sauted tomato cubes with kovai leaves and finished with boiled dal and coconut paste. Absolutely yummy kootu!

Okra with dried ginger, chilli powder, turmeric
VaathaNarayanan Keerai, stir fried with turmeric and shredded coconut
Vaazhaipoo with coconut paste and buttermilk with cumin seeds fried in coconut oil

The joy of a simple meal at home with mom, can not be overstated. During morning walk, mom plucked thumbai, kovai and vatha narayanan leaves. Even vaazhai poo was from the backyard.

It was a tiny vaazhai poo, just sufficient for two. I kept on asking, why mom cut it so young. She said, it would not have grown bigger. I ate the world's smallest bananas from our backyard. With curd, coconut paste, vaazhai poo more kootu was too good.

Carrot halwa didn't have kova, instead, i added cashew paste. Fried cashew, raisins and sauted carrot in ghee and boiled it in milk with sugar and added cashew paste. Flavoured with 2 crushed cardamoms, i simply loved carrot halwa and could not stop myself tasting a little every now and then.

Fulfilling it was, from carrot halwa, nei paruppu to fresh creamy curd. Guess, would not want to go to a star hotel for south Indian meals. Be it Bon South, Radha Hometel, Royal Orchid, east or west, home food is the best. Without mom, of course, i would rather survive on jain tiffin the whole sunday, and feel too lazy to make anything other than maggi noodles.

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