Monday, December 23, 2013

Basic Varmam Reflections

From late 2010, had been wanting to attend varmam classes, however, either missed the workshop schedule or having known the workshop schedule, could not attend.

After 2-3 years, finally could attend the basic workshop in Salem on October 19th, this year to learn 80 of the 8000 points that our jovial, practical aasaan taught us.

Reminiscing couple of stories that he related for some of the varmam points:

Kavuli Kalam: In those days, people in villages used to stack betel leaves between their thumb and index finger and those bunch of betel leaves used to be called kavuli vetrillai. Hence kavuli kalam

Nakshatra Kalam: Once one of the students asked his aasan, why is nakshatra kalam called so? The teacher slapped the student and student said, he saw stars in front of his eyes. The teacher said, this is the reason, it is called nakshatra kalam. Pressing it indeed shows stars.

Kondaikolli: Not sure, if it was for kondaikolli. But aasaan described how his teacher had parted the wet hairs of a pregnant lady and blown air into this point. Apparently, it was drizzling and the very pregnant lady had been assisting her husband in lifting a heavy sack onto the cycle. The husband in a hurry to hold the sack from beneath, used his hand forcefully and husbands finger had entered the womb. The lady had fainted and after some varmam treatment, the child and mother got well.

KathirKaam Varmam: Two stories. One of a mother and grown up daughter who were trying to pluck fragrant jasmine flowers standing on parapet wall. The grown up daughter slipped trying to pluck a jasmine flower and mother had instinctively caught her daughter. Daughter was safe, but mother could not use her hand after lifting a grown up daughter in one go.

Second story was that of an mid day meal worker. There was a storage place, where sacks of rice were stacked up. A kid had gone to retrieve a ball and accidently all the heavy rice sacks fell on the school kid. The kid was buried under a huge pile. The mid day meal worker, in an earnest attempt to save the child had single handedly, pulled and thrown the rice sacks. Luckily, the child was ensconced in the gap between 2 sacks without even a single scratch. However, the lady, having had thrown aside so many sacks, suffered so much pain, which was cured with this varmam.

Saramudichu: Aasaan started telling about one of his interesting aasaans, stating that he had every right to talk about him. Teacher's teacher was a mixed bag. He charged 50k from Chennai folks for a treatment, and gave all the amount for a girl's wedding next street, just taking Rs. 50 out of it. Another time, that aasan had sneaked plates of fish for all his 4 students from across the street; once, paying money taken from the cashier back to the hotel guy. He was a bit notorious and after his death, it was reported that his spirit was disturbing the villagers. So they redug his grave and severed his saramudichu after which the spirit was not reported to linger around.

My experience: Really works wonders. Compared to pranic healing, where mental strain is more, this physical touch points are miraculous. Be it going to sleep instantly or getting relief from head ache, hand and leg pain, varmam rocks. Varmam has got me interested in the human nervous system anatomy and physiology. Need to learn that first.

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