Friday, December 6, 2013

Delonix elata - VAta nArayanan - Siddheshwara

If you give me the leaves of tamarind, arai nellika (amla) and vadha narayanan, would not be able to discern the difference, till I see the bark, leaves, pods, flowers etc. Just clicked, as mom pointed it out to me.
Vata Narayanan
Small cups R->L: Carrot Halva, Vaadha Narayanan Kozhambu, Lemon Rasam, Curd
On plate: Okra Poriyal, Parkakai kootu

Medicinal Uses:

Was really wondering what to make with vaata narayanan keerai, since, other than a mildly sauteed thugayal or chutney, any other form of prolonged heating would destroy the medicinal properies of leaves. Found sites which talked about vaatha Narayanan Kaara kozhambu, then yes, made it like the usual keerai kozhambu. Yummy! Lemon rasam was ultimate.

Even dentists, add lemon in boiling hot water. For lemon rasam, added lemon juice after finishing kozhambu, when rasam was luke warm. Last time, only one two lemons had fallen down, now there are more than enough for two. So its going to be lemon rasam every alternate day, lemon juice twice a day.

Thanks to my teacher, i had for years, stopped adding onions and garlic. Better obey him. At home, mom would complain of gas, so though, i had stopped onions, i would add garlic for rasams for her, till i saw guruji's post where he showed, how tasty spicy food titillating the taste buds could be prepared without garlic and onions. I am not sure about rajasic food, but the intense smell of garlic onion is what keeps me away. Mom eats whatever i prepare, so no issues. At my sister-in-laws place, they would be shocked, that i forget their ubiquitous onions. Whatever, food is all god's krupa, whatever, he gives! should eat without making any fuss.

Pongal Holidays 2015 update:

Vatha narayanan dosa, vatha narayanan thugayal, thirattu paal pepper sweet, kambu idli
Amla and Kalkandu
VAdha NArayanan RAgi dosa with yellow moong dal sAmbhAr, coconut chutney and kalkandu nellika

VAdha NArayanan roti with bindi moong dal, and green moong kheer
kuthirai vali rice with dates, vata narayan thugayal, moong dal sambhar, sunda vathal puli kolambu

Kambu rava kothumai vAta Narayan ghee roast, nAyuruvi chutney, mango moong dal sAmbhar, athipalam milk smoothie

VAta NArayanan Vadai on Nov 19th, 2016

Gasegase payasam (poppy seeds and 2 spoons basmati rice)
Nei paruppu
Maanga kovakka sambhar
Maanga rice
VAta Narayana vadai (with channa dal/kadalaparuppu, red chillies, hing, salt)
Bindi ghee fry (marinated bindi with ginger channadal, red chilli, asafotida paste, fried in ghee without a drop of water)
Manathakkali keerai kootu
Sorakka kootu


Vinudha J said...

it is helpful to know how to cook vatanarayanan keerai.thank you

SS said...

:-) glad to see your comment. nothing can beat a plain vatanarayan thugayal that goes with idlis dosas, rice or roti. Am experimenting as well. The keerais that old thaatha paatis in villages mention are not even to be seen.

Sachu Leonid said...

Can u please share the uses of this medicinal herb

SS said...

Namaste Sachu Leonid ji,

If you understand tamizh, can help with further uses of vatha narayan.