Saturday, March 9, 2013

Meals at Home

For Mom: Corriander Chutney Rice, Pumpkin, Snake Gourd, Bitter Gourd, MangoDrumstick Sambar, Curd, Kheer
For Periyamma
Ever since, it got confirmed that we are not working on saturdays and i didn't have to cancel my weekend train tickets, i had been asking mom for corriander chutney and pudhina chutney. After reaching home sleepless for 2 nights, woke up pretty late and missed breakfast's corriander chutney. So ended up making a makeshift corriander chutney pulav with fresh peas and carrot.

Kheer reminded me of cerelac. Laced with melting ghee, mashed rice, milk, cashews, fragrant ellaichies and jaggery to sweeten, i could not help taking one more tiny scoop from mom's and periyamma's share. It was too good.

Summer season, so everywhere, there was these tiny baby mangoes that had fallen in the wind, that ended up as avakai pickle. Maanga murungaka sambar was simply tangilicious.

I had gone straight to early morning Gandhi Market from junction, so ended up with kgs of vegetables. Tomorrow, we will have only one proper vegetable.

La Opala's can never beat the special taste of steaming rice on fresh banana leaf, probably an Ag/Au plate can beat the taste. Pradhosam and tomorrow is Maha shivarathiri, but we ended up eating so much, with paneer peas pulav for dinner. Gone are the days when i used to give rest to tummy on trayodashis. Now, it has shifted to weekly tuesdays rather than fortnightly trayodashis.

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