Saturday, March 9, 2013

Dogs and Fish

For the past two nights, i had been sleepless, first due to a ppt and the second due to train journey. From morning, when D gave a me box full of  chocolates, it was extremely difficult to be just its safekeeper and not relish it.  I told R that I badly missed chocolates and he bought my  favourite Temptations Rum and Raisins, which i almost single handedly polished off in just 30 minutes. (ok, I just gave just 8-9 bits to SB who was carrying for three months wondering, if chocolates were good for babies).

The cab supervisor was going to Mandya by Chamundi Express. Without asking, he handled
my trolley and i just followed him. The moment the train started jolting, i decided to spare my eyes and L3 and collapsed happily. At Karmelaram, B joined me with three soft idlies. Wow, it was ambrosia, after PG and office idlis, i almost forgot, what soft idlis and proper chutney sambar tasted like.

Every major stop woke me up. No water was there in the train and the stench was unbearable at the station halts. Lampooning the stench, someone played Veti veru vaasam, vedla pulla nesam around 3:30 am. Nothing indeed can match the fragrance of vetti veru scrub in soothing warm water. Since i massage with oil most days except mondays, thursdays and sundays, the vetti veru scrub would start smelling oil after just a week.

B woke me up at 4 am and we parted ways. So appa and amma came, gave me anna's blazer. Amma asked, did you get a trolley just for this. I said, no, i had things to take back. She asked me, if there was no car to pick me up. I said, it was only mom and she didn't know driving. They went to station to have coffee and I felt bad, with Adyar Anand Bhavan closed in station, i was going empty handed to meet mom. I typically give 150 to N to buy 1 kg pomegranates for mom during my trips, but he didn't come to office on friday. So I took a bus to Gandhi market and bought half a gunny sack of oranges and vegetables, coriander bunch, spearmint bunch, which i could carry without straining.

Along with other vegetable hawkers who were carrying many larger sacks of vegetables for their area customers, i stood waiting for bus, which came after a while and i reached home around 6 am. A police guy, helped with the trolley while alighting.

Mom was also there at the  bus stand, to buy milk. She buys milk only if someone comes home. She said, i looked like a theevaravadi (aathathayinah) in my black tshirt and grey pants and brown black stole covering my head and face. I was glad. My test while going outside, is street dogs behaviour. I intentionally build in some fury, make my footsteps firm, almost stomping, and walk brisk with my fist clenched and sharp thumb nails jutting out ready to draw blood. If the dogs run away when I approach, am sure none of the gropers would dare come near me. I hate going to crowded markets because of gropers. I badly wanted a physical shield that would sense gropers and became porcupine like, with sharp knives. It took me years to realize, that a girl's best self defence was arul kaapu (prayers) and protective thoughts. Have tried and tested in so many crowds and it does work for me.

Talking about vibrations around the body reminds me of fish in office. If the fish quickly swim away frightened  as i approach them; I stand and pray and bless everyone whom I am going to meet till the fish return. That is the best entry check for kitchen as well. To cook in a positive loving frame of mind.

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