Sunday, March 10, 2013

Chakka Eriserri Maanga Pachadi Baby Corn Golden Roast

For Sunday - Crunchy wheat Jaggery sweet with cashew, raisins and ellaichi

Baby Corn Golden Roast

Maanga Pachadi
Wheat Balls, Sweet Amlas, Carrot, Maanga Pachadi, Chakka Eriserri, Murukku, Murungakka Sambar, Curd

Mom and Periyamma said, they don't want jaggery in maanga pacchadi, so we made two versions, one without jaggery and one with delicious jaggery.

Mom distributed mangoes and our mallu neighbours gave us raw jackfruit, so with google to guide me, we ended up with Chakka eriserri cooked in coconut oil, and avialish coconut paste. What an odd combination i thought, baby corns and jackfruit and mangoes. Any day, my first preference is ripe mangoes, ripe jack fruit part of the fruit triad.

The best part was maanga pachadi with jaggery, and maanga pachadi without jaggery for curd.

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