Sunday, October 14, 2012

Chocolate Cyst

Am more of a paalkova girl. Milk sweets are my favourite. It was anna, who started me on Cadburys in 2008 during Mumbai trip with a big gift of festive pack. And from next month, my annual chocolate spending, apart from gifting chocolates to others was 8k+. (I account everything from 2000) There was seldom a time, when i didn't have a chocolate to share with someone.

Later, for a brief time, after interacting with a friend who could see aural colours, i stopped eating/drinking anything brown - so that meant no chocolates, no teas or no coffees, no puliotharais. My water bottles became orange or violet. But sometime later chocolates seized me again. Herseys, swiss, friends typically gifted and I nibbled in half mind. Now, chocolates have joined the category of brinjals in my mind, and i recoil painfully at the thought of chocolates.

She would take Rs 3200 injection or other costly medicines, but she would not touch the freely growing aloe vera on her compound wall. God bless her and guide her and keep her painless.People would buy costly cosmetic products with aloe vera, but would not grow it in a pot at home. Aloe vera grows on air. Mom has tied one variety of aloe vera plant to ward of evil eye on the door. In fact after my childhood so close with nature, as an adult after my implants, the aloe vera was the first reason, i dug the earth with screw driver sitting on a low stool.

Aloe vera keeps skin glowing, a gift for diabetics. And this is only beginning of its benefits. This helps. Doctors are the most difficult patients.

6 Months Later
Crunchy Jelly
Mom once had some painful whiteheads. Mere external application of aloe vera made it vanish within days. Am a big fan of aloe vera ever since that. I took a screw driver, dug up the earth to plant this in the small space between the cemented walk and fence.


If a guy has Rahu in 7th house, without the drsti of benefics, the guy mostly has multiple affairs with damaged women. If a girl has Rahu in 7th house, chocolate cyst is just one of the numerous menstrual problems, necessitating surgery at times. Shatavari or Chandraprabhavati, walnuts, how many more cures. These women are upright moral paragons, mostly unable to enjoy conjugal bliss due to pain, wonder what triggers this. Something to do with Swaadistaan chakra. Guess, will get to know after this Good Friday.

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