Saturday, October 27, 2012

A beautiful Day

Certain things never cease to warm your heart. Like paruppu saadam mixed with melting ghee, a dreamless slumber that overtakes you post lunch, in spite of full glaring lights and loud audio lectures playing in VLC at full volume and a glorious twilight to greet you as you wake up.  When I woke up I was lecture 13 of oyc; each lecture lasting an average of 45 minutes.

I was so captivated by the mesmerizing sunset that I didn’t notice the slippery moss on the terrace where folks wash the clothes and came to a halt after a split second break dance. My constant prayer is, my lumbar vertebrae L3 with its protruding malunion should hold me steady till I die. Only for others, asking - how do you start your day to Sholay’s Thakur is a joke. God I missed chakrasana and surya namaskars for my spinal cord this morning, to eat hot paper roasts. At least, tomorrow, I should exercise my spinal cord.

So with breezy iyalvaahi (Peltophorum ferrugineum)  and flamboyant patadi – fountain tree with hot coal red flowers bordering the horizon, I savoured the crimson red sunset to hearts content, doing anulom vilom for few minutes with birds chirping in the background on a tower. Next time, I need to observe if they were plain bulbuls or cinereous tits, warblers or babblers. And I washed a bucketful of clothes in the divine trayodashi moonlight, not realizing that the plastic cover I had, to protect my palm skin from peeling off due to rin soap had a hole. Yay! only 17 more days for Deepawali amavasya. 2 more weeks to go home.

Am glad, cheenu goes home every other week. Mom would have company and I won’t feel bad, she is all alone. It is a beautiful world. Back to Russell now. Am still reading Russell, which I was supposed to have returned on Sep 14, 2011. Hope secretariat library does not fine Chithi too much. But shodashamshas are pulling me to its side. Hope i get someone to help me understand navamsha, trimshamsa and dvadashamsha. But what exactly is birth time. Kaal is so intriguing.

In 2008, i was a travel freak. Now, even if someone repeated asks to me join them, am too lazy to travel. Too lazy to get up and answer the door, too lazy to stretch my hands and attend phone calls. And after June Taj Mahal trip with mom, realized need to shelve off traveling forever. The 2 new moles on my sole indicates paying off foreign debts. Till am forced to, i would rather stay in the world of books, content with the steady sky above and terra firma below. Who said am locked in my room, and that am not travelling. Am rather we are all, travelling at the speed of 30Km per second. If i travelled at earth's orbital speed, i could reach my home in trichy in 11 seconds. this unmoved yet fast moving space travel is always a puzzle.

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