Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Euphorbia pilulifera - Periamman Pacharisi - Dugdhika/Nagari/Kshira/Nagarjuna

Periyamman Pacharisi

Periyamman Pacharisi thugayal, Tomato Chutney, Jaangri

Medicinal Uses
Siddha Medicines

There are so many types of ammaan pacharisi - Periyamman Pacharisi, sivamman pacharisi, vayalamman pacharisi etc. The one we found on the road, matched periyamman pacharisi. The thugayal we made with roasted channa and urad dal, with a little bit of coconut shreds, a bit of corriander and curry leaves was quite yummy.

It was quite enlightening to learn, that herbs are male and female. So one should balance and eat them.

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