Thursday, October 31, 2013

Leucas aspera - Thumbai - Dronapushpi/Chitrapatrika/Chitrakshup

Leucas aspera/thummi/Thumbai
After mom plucked

Aaduthoda Ghee Roast with Thumbai Corriander Chutney and Tomato Chutney
On the plate: R->L Pudhina Chutney, Okra poriyal, Carrot poriyal, Thumbai Kootu
R->L Whole Green Moong Dal Kheer, Dal, Mudakathan Keerai Rasam, Mor Kozhambu, Curd
It has a very distinct fragrance. Mom was telling about the honey extracted from this flower. Never realized that i would end up cooking this plant, we just passed by as kids.

Medicinal Uses
siddha says it is used for cold, headache, constipation, gastric problems, tonsillitis, menses probs
wiki echoes the same
Review by R.Srinivasan etal talk about various benefits including skin problems
Dronapushpi lists benefits in telugu

2015 Update:
Come december january, the entire stretch is filled with these plants and its tiny fragrant white flowers as far as eyes can see. So mom plucked some, golden fried them in castor oil and i applied that oil to my eyes.

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