Saturday, February 2, 2013

Goopshimbi Kakamanci Shobanjana

Kothavaranga Cluster Beans Goopshimbi
Kakamanci Manathakkali Keerai Black Nightshade

Shobjanjana Murunga Keerai Drumstick Leaves
Kothavaranga Parupu Usili

Kakamachi Manathakkali Keerai Black Nightshade

Dessert Dates Chikkis, Kothavaranga paruppu Usili, Manathakkali Keerai poriyal, Murungai keerai Sambar

Dessert Dates Chikkis, Kothavaranga paruppu Usili, Manathakkali Keerai poriyal, Murungai keerai Sambar, Curd

Kothavaranga Cluster Beans (V-PK+)

Kothavaranga Paruppu Usili is my favourite.

Kakamanci (Manathakkali)  

Shobanjana (Drum stick leaves)
As mom was plucking the drumstick leaves, a part of the whole branch broke off. So i was wondering, whether to make drumstick leaves or manathakkali keerai. Finally decided to make just keerai sambar and make the rest of the murugai keerai tomorrow.

Staying away from home in a PG, my serrated tongue (Vit B2 - niacin deficiency) and curled up nails (Zinc deficiency) made me re-think about food that i mindlessly ate when work rather when there was a gap between these perpetual meetings. Much against my no drug policy, i popped in multivitamin B-Cosules.I ordered a fruit bowl after speaking with my dentist sister. I was under the impression that winter was almost over with January. For a vata pitta person like me, my bones shook me inside out, i was cramped, especially in the evenings and nights. This is what happens when i forget my ritucharya. I bought 1 kg of ghee, hope the joints and bones don't make its presence felt, all nights with dry chill winds. Our festivals - deepawali, kaarthigai deepam in winter with its oily unguent sweets are so very scientific.

I was thinking whether it made sense to come home taking so much trouble. Only after seeing the kitchen, i realized how mom was eating. She didn't have oil to light lamps, leave alone cooking. She bought curd and milk just because i was coming home. So this day, i made everything with ghee, since, no cooking oil was there at home. Now, i have definitely drop in once a while to make sure, she is, rather both of us, are eating well. Next week, i have to buy groceries, especially, pulses, oil when i come home and not stop with just fruits. Even when i could cook in my dupleix, before i shifted to PG, cooking and eating for just self made no sense, and i would starve, being so lazy, to cook, that my house owner started keeping food in the kitchen for me. There ought be someone to cook for.

I have a question, i remember reading in a book, that oil bathing on sunday made one lose luster, similar other prohibitions are there for monday and thursday. In a way, it makes sense, since sun, moon and jupiter are the luminaries. But for an predominantly vata type of person with extreme dryness, would it make sense not to self massage with oil just the body with oil on sunday, monday or thursday?

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