Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Flowers nearby

Come February, L square with its golden trumphet tree with tabebuia in full bloom comes to my mind. It was a delight to see those bright yellow flowers all over. Years later, everyday on the way to office, i would glance longingly at a short roadside trumphet while the cab would speed by.

Peace Lily or Cobra Plant

The building next to our PG had this peace lilies. They have also kept this indoors in our office. Wilts soon when it is completely indoors.

Euphorbia - locals call it phorbia - Am not a fan of this raw flesh coloured flower...
Cute purples and pinks

The cut flowers were in a nearby bouquet shop. If i happen to return from office early, i would inhale the vehicle fumes and cross the road twice just to savour the fragrance of rajanigandha (tubrose) for few moments. There were lots of gerberas, arranged in baskets

Baby's breath Gypsophila

Pink Asiatic Lilies

Pristine white Gladiolus

Gladiolus or Natal Lily

Yellow daisies
Reminds me of James Steerforth calling DC as Daisy. It was a library book, that some one didn't return for years and that was the first novel, i read during my 7th std summer holidays. I would have read it some 8 times, picturing a cute piscean school mate as Emily and school pupil leader as Steerforth.

Almost like a large blue thaatha poo minus yellow core - Aster Sun helenes

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