Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thank God! It was a soft landing

For most of last week, I had a session with my sis' sil - a physiotherapist. In spite of having a 24 hours time demanding 2+ year old baby, she slept in my room, woke up in the morning, without disturbing my pranayam, made me do her set of exercises early morning + massaged with dhanavantaram that I had, since I didn't have murivenna. She said, most lady physiotherapists don't massage general patients who come to their clinics, because it would be misconstrued by others.

I had spent 20 continuous days under panchakarma therapists years before. As one part of the whole process, they would typically heat up oil or heat up a clothe bundle containing some ayurvedic herb and give othram and pour ladles and ladles of oil and massage in a particular direction. Else they would put some paste mixture and smear it over the affected part and make you rest for while after which one could bathe.

My sis on the other hand, said, look these are the muscles, and this is where nodes are, these-these are the muscles that are tightened up and am going to release them. She applied mild currents after applying the ultrasonic gel on the muscle points.

I spent half of the 20 days sulking way back in 2007, as my ayurvedic doctor wanted obedient cooperation, while I wanted scientific explanation as to why he made panchakarma girls inject warm medicated oil inside my anus. After a fierce argument, he lamented, these days, one needs to explain why one should not jaywalk. I wish, the ayurvedic therapists and physiotherapists blended their skills with a spiritual caring mentality of reiki or pranic healing.

My sis' first time massage effect was the same as that the one by a varmam guy from village. Now this guy who practices siddha, took coconut oil, closed his eyes and massaged my lower limbs, applying so much pressure to release tightened muscles. The next day, i could not even touch those points, or towel my body.

My sis, applied hot wax cloth on the pain points to remove the pain due to massage. The reason why am writing is because of Chithi. Chithi-Chithappa went to see their niece and while returning, thanks to Velachery potholes, 54 year old Chithi landed in a dry ditch off the scooter. She could get up immediately and walk, thankfully. I knew, the effects of the impact would be felt only the next day, so I hurriedly heated up oil and had to see the muscle alignment to massage accordingly with the heated dhanavantaram. I just prayed to god to guide my hands as I massaged. Chithi was naturally shy and opted to do it herself, however, thankfully she let me massage her shoulders the next day. And it worked with the grace of god.

I was initially scared, coz, once I had massaged mom's shoulders the pain worsened, now after carefully observing beauty parlour massages, panchakarma massages and understanding the muscle structure of parts needing attention in the family and physiotherapists idea of strokes, patting... some 5 steps she said, it is very handy. Just go with the muscle flow.

Wish 3 idiots was released when I was a kid. I used to blindly mug all the muscle names in 7th standard science book just as another data point affecting my marks, now I realize, how essential it is to understand, what is immediately beneath the skin, better still, what is beneath the muscles, flesh and bones, a soul craving for a caring and loving word.

More than massages, even over phone, an assurance of prayer for our elders' pain works wonder. My first priority is health. As the second verse of īśa upaniṣad says for the lesser mortals, i should keep my body fit, so that even if live a hundred years, i won't be burden for others with my health issues and help others in every possible way without being an interference. Its amazing to learn about Fauja Singh. "I run while talking to God."

In fact, Vethathri Maharishi's school had taught us how to massage our face and it fits perfectly with the facial muscle structure.


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