Thursday, November 10, 2011

Pink Rose Tree Flowers

Yesterday's Hindu carried a front page article on Tree planting. Apparently you can book trees for planting online. All gearing up for JJ's bday it seems. (JJ and late Jobs have the same birth day.) So I curiously went to this site and picked up some of my favourite pink, yellow and red flowers. I would love to have fragrant plumeria rubra where ever I stay. My all time favourite is the redolent white one with yellow core. Flower of perfection says Mother Pondicherry.

Plumeria Rubra (Frangipani/பெருங்கள்ளி)

Tabebuia rosea (Pink Trumpet Tree/बसंत रानी /Tabibiya in Tamil)


Cassia Javanica (Pink Shower/Java Cassia)


Lagerstroemia indica (Cape Myrtle/Pride of India/Hindi: Savani/Tamil: Pavalakkurinji)

Cassia grandis (Coral Shower Tree/Tamil: Cassia)

Bauhinia Variegata (Poor man's Orchid/Hindi: kachnaar/Tamil: Mandharai)

Next post will be the yellow flowers followed by red flowers.

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