Friday, November 25, 2011

It was a beautiful rainy bike ride

How wonderful can things get?

For breakfast, for the first time in my life, I ate 3 idlies which were like those jamuns in gulab jamun ad, where the gulab jamuns almost fly away, as one tries to scoop them with a spoon. Our idlis slided to the edge of the plates, as we we tried to eat them, idli rocks indeed.

This afternoon, i remembered reading a newspaper article on the UNESCO photo exhibition in the state museum and today being the last day, i badly wanted to go. Little did I realize that the museum would be closed on fridays. It is another matter, that I figured out the Connemara is just near the museum. After being liberally splashed by racing bikes and autos with pristine pure chennai colourful stagnated waters, my college junior and I could not help being amused. He does not walk, he ambles around like a teddy bear. He said:

Once Einstein was supposed to be received at a railway station. However, thanks to our genius's dress, the folks who were supposed to receive him, didn't recognize him. It was a long walk from the station to the final venue and Einstein apparently walked with his luggage. When the dignitary who had sent the folks to receive Einstein, apologized for missing him, the genius said, never mind, "It was a pleasant walk"

My friend just said, it was a pleasant rainy ride. And forget these irritants, or the state of snow white acoba tops or wet jeans, looking back now, it indeed was....

And ya, talking about Einstein, seems scientists have figured out folks might want to look at his thinly sliced brain pieces. Another army general wrote about how he made graveyards his training base and didn't mind, cooking or sleeping there.

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