Saturday, July 16, 2016

Sindhoora Mambalam - Koti Surya Sama Prabha

Mom is retiring this September and am going to miss mango tree in quarters very dearly. During mango season, every trip outside, would have mangoes half eaten by birds or squirrels. Even in December, the mango tree would give a raw mango for maanga thokku.

In the evenings, the mango tree branch would hold strong, as i would play in the swings.

Sindhoora! what golden red orange hue
Dawn or dusk sun can't next to you
Alphonsa, Malgova, Mallika
None like you Sindhoora

The most delicious sindhoora in the world
Mini mango spared by squirrels

Tree ripened fragrant sindhooras in all shapes that fell down

Moong mudakathaan ie indravalli dosa with coconut chutney

Moong and Mudakathan ie indravalli keerai
Moong modakathaan keerai with Sindhoora

Kollu ie horsegram and modakathaan ie indraalli 

Only horsegram and Modakathaan keerai idli ( no udid dal) with Pepper coconut chutney with Sindhoora
Since Sindhoora, drops on its own from the tree, the core is over ripened. Ambrosial sindhooras

Many weeks ago, wanted to make pista kesar kheer at akka's place.
Sambhar, Manathakali keerai, avaraka, Mango thokku with pista kesar kheer

Some other random day with mor kolambu, vaazhai poo vadai and vaazhai mor kootu

This was again at akka's home, mooli parantha with kesar pista kheer

Jowar ie sollam dosa with corriander chutney and paanagam

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