Sunday, July 31, 2016

அகத்திக் கீரை | Sesbania grandliflora | अगस्ति

Two days at home, far away from PG, so instead of usual dosa/roti with dal that i make in PG, made agathi keerai pooris. How wonderful it would be if we had trains travelling at 400km per hour.

Guruji said sundaikayi is allowed in shaakvrat, so added that to moong dal. These are sundaikas that grow in village backyard and somehow not bitter.

Exception - Sundaikayi

Sesbania grandiflora
Agathi keerai poori, Sundaika dal with unspiced Moong kheer

Sundaika Dal Recipe
Boil moong dal and keep it separately
Add ghee in kadai and splutter jeera
Add sundaikayi and stir fry
Add salt, pepper powder, turmeric as per taste
Cover and cook under low flame for 5 minutes
Add cooked dal and mix well

Moong Kheer Recipe
Boil soaked moong dal in milk in low flame
Add jaggery and heated ghee

Tuesday Lunch
Appi payasa
Thinai saadam
Agastya roti
Moong dal vadai
Agastya paruppu usili
Sundaika Kootu
Maanga oorukai
More kolambu, Curd

Appi Payasa Recipe without spices
Roast a little rava in ghee
Make tiny wheat dough in milk and fry pooris in ghee
Boil the roasted rava in thickened milk
Crush the pooris in milk and add jaggery as per taste

Agastya Paruppu Usili
Soak Moong dal in water
Grind it coarsely and steam it till it is well cooked
Finely chop agastya leaves
Do tadka with mustards and jeera
Saute agastya leaves with pepper and salt
Once leaves are tender and well cooked, mix shredded moong dal

Maanga Oorukai
Sun dry finely chopped raw mango pieces
Saute them in ghee/oil with pepper and salt

Sundaika Kootu
Do tadka with mustards, jeera and curry leaves in ghee
Saute sundaika with pepper and salt
Add a little water to cook
Once sundaika is tender, add coconut cumin seeds paste and take off flame

More Kolambu
Do tadka with mustards, cumin seeds and curry leaves
Reduce the flame
Add thick yoghurt, coconut cumin seeds paste with pepper and salt 
and take off flame in less than a minute.

Thinnai (Foxtail millet)

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