Saturday, September 7, 2013

Keela Nelli - Phyllanthus niruri - Bhumyamalaki


Keelanelli Bhumyamlaki Closeup

Medicinal Benefits
Not supposed to be had during pregnancy

Keelanelli Chutney
On asking mom, how she makes Keelanelli chutney, she said, they just feed it to cows. So in order to escape the bitterness of keelanelli, added corriander, pudhina, curry leaves, coconut and fried channa and urad dal to make the keelanelli chutney. It was quite yummy.
Keelanelli Chutney with Aavaram Poo Chutney

Keelanelli Parantha
A trite bitter, but yummy.

Bhumyamlaki Parantha with Amlaki chutney

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