Sunday, July 7, 2013

Navdhanya Scoops - Yet Another Sunday Pulav

Navadhanya Scoops - Sathu mavu urundai

Potato Pepper Fry - Urulai Milagu Roast

Navadhanya Scoops, Potato Wedges, Kathrika Dalca, Rice, Curd, Veg Pulav
Was shocked to see potatoes in kitchen. Mom told me, that potatoes cost Rs 10 a kg. Back in PG, potatoes, kovakais (ivy gourds), brinjals are a class of vegetables, i keep away from. Had planned to make mulangi sambar. Mom said, make biryani, and then quickly added, you get to eat pulavs often right, so make meals. So i ended up making pulav.

For desserts rather starters, i fried sathu mavu powder in ghee with ellaichi, cashew, raisins and jaggery to sweeten with milk and scooped them with a round spoon. Fresh 5 mins desserts, to eat before meals. Things are best, when left to nature. Curd was ultimate finishing.

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