Sunday, December 23, 2012

Veg Pulav

Soya Nuggets, Capsicum, Ginger, Beans, Carrots, Tomato, Paneer, Peas, Chillies
Yummy Pulav with Ginger Dalcha
Can plain rice have fragrance? I relished the aroma of plain rice in the lush green paddy fields of thirunelvelli during a Thiruchendur Senthil Gurunathan darshan trip. Needless to speak about flavoured Basmati rice. The only thing missing was nuts - cashnew and almonds. Stomach was full, yet could not help taking one last spoon, so many times. Mom too did the same.

Every time is a learning, realized that I need to add capsicum, carrots towards the end, so that the colours don't change. I like the vegetables, soft yet crunchy, mom likes the vegetables to dissolve in her mouth without having to chew. I like them, fried in ghee, mom needs oil not more than 1-2 spoons. Balancing act !


There was a March 30 doctor who told me that the reason, why people in weddings give sweets first is so that guests consume less food. The ayurvedic explanation is that when we start with desserts when the agni is high, it gets easily digested and absorbed and gives the least side effects. Plain wheat flour and jaggery fried in ghee and flavoured with ellaichi and scooped with round spoons, while still hot. With carrots, sauted. 2 minutes delicious desserts. I typically start with sweets and keep one last bite to have at the end.

Plain Wheat flour, Jaggery, Ellaichi, Carrot Slices sauted in Ghee

A month earlier
Aval Payasam, Laddoo, Ponnakanni keerai, Maanga thokku, Raita, Rice and Veg Pulav with soya nuggets

7 months later
Vellam kadalai parappu Poli, Kothamalli Paneer Pulav, Rice, Dalcha, Rasam, Curd

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