Sunday, December 2, 2012

Tuberose Rajnigandha

We decided to meet near Oasis Mall. As usual, i make it  a point to try a new fragrance in these malls. I like floral not fruity fragrances. This time, i tried YSL. No matter what, nothing can be more soothing than Sandalwood, jasmine and rose, shenbagam essentials. Few weeks ago, i was reading about Anahatha chakra and on an impulse dialled Justdial to check the rates of essential oils. Was flabbergasted, 1 kg Sandalwood powder was 60k. 10 ml sandalwood and jasmine was Rs.1750 something. I decided, i would rather buy a rose for Rs.10 a day. Jasmines and Nandhiyavattais, wish all over the world, fragrant flowers were planted. Back in college, the only thing that stopped me from tonsuring my head was my love for adorning jasmine flowers. Like a school kid, i would pin jasmine strands to my boy cut hair inside home. 2.5 hours and tatas later, I almost walked past the bouquet shop, when this Saugandharaja fragrance stopped me. The smell was not near the flower, but 1-2 feet away from the bouquet shop.

Reminded me of Palace Guttahalli days, when i would go to KR Market, buy 1 kg of Sampangi flowers. A kg used to be 30-60 Rupees then. There was one large Venkatachalapathi photo in the hall, and i would make a garland with sampangi flowers. 1 kg was too much for swami and i would put the remaining garland of the flowers near the window, door and near the bed, so that i could savour its smell, till the flowers died 2 days later. Victorian funeral flower wiki says. Whatever, Sampangi is a fragrance to die for.

I would make do with whatever little was available and make our home look grand. Neighbours would often say, even the bare things looked inviting when i was at home. Dad let me buy that RD's heavy weight interior decoration book. Vanity, thy name is ss folks would say back home. Afternoon colourful juices had to be served in glass tumblers, with levels matching to perfection, arranged symmetrically on the tray. Even if there was no sugar for coffee, sukku malli kaapi with jaggery would be served shining in its amber glory. Milk had to be in silver tumbler flavoured with ellaichi for night. Honey with silver spoon. I would spend half an hour grinding sandalwood paste for bathing, which periyamma would have kept for God.

Ears can be abused, so can eyes, but nose is perhaps the best when it comes to sensory adaptation. I don't use coffee beans to smell multiple fragrances. I just let 1 fragrance linger in my mind for a while.

Reminded me of Nachiketa responding to Yama in Katha Upanishad. Yama entices Nachiketa with chariots, apsaras, song and dance, instead of responding to the question - what happens to life after death.
श्वोभावा मर्त्यस्य यदन्तकैतत्   सर्वेंद्रियाणाम्  जरयंति तेजः
अपि  सर्वं जीवितमल्पमेव तवैव  वाहास्तव नृत्यगीते ||26||
All things have no tomorrow (ephemeral), they make all the senses lose their vigour. Even the longest life is short. You keep your chariots music and dance to yourself. 

Amazing Nachiketa.

I simply love listening to Swami Sarveshanandha. He compared Kumbipaka naraka to our Indian cooking of mollaga bajji and baigan bartha. Heaven and Hell are very much here. Yet so difficult to go beyond likes and dislikes. Need to. As my mentor says, this world is a beautiful place. Just enjoy it as it is.

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