Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Kai kaal Mulaitha Rojapoos

Never felt baby pink so close to my heart. 7:30-8:00 am was sun basking for my twin nieces and it was a wonder holding them. 1 month premature, 50 gms plus or minus 2.5 kgs, amazing kids. One kuvaaa sound, everyone was at the cradle. Could not sleep even for 1 hour at a stretch. My sister’s SIL was watching the drips and she was awake till 4 am. Everyone is taking turns to sleep. LSCS means lower segment C-section. Meconium is black as coal tar. Got practical lessons on holding new borns.

Di-zygotic twins
The bigger one had sis’ O+ve and smaller one had big BIL’s B+ve. When I saw those bundled treasures, just melted.

All that is still embedded in my inner eye are the two babies, their soft kuvaas. You just touch them once or hold them reassuringly and they get back to sleeping peacefully, doing all those enticing antics in their sleep. Their images are still brimming in my eyes. Anything for them.

Sis was the largest baby. She is slowly learning to sit, to take few steps, go to the loo on her own. Will be months before she gets ok. The pain in her eyes, would get tears to everyone’s eyes. Everyone was quite disappointed that both were girls. The third girl in the family (including BIL’s sister’s daughter), that BIL has to take care of, 5 if one were to included his sister and my sister.

Doctors’ Dilemma
My sister was concerned, if the skin was fully formed. My BIL was concerned that bilirubin should be ok after the 9th feeding, since twins had a high likelihood of developing jaundice. He had already done all the tests with reports sent to Hongkong for genetic anomalies in 1st trimester itself. So they were doing these post-partum tests as a complement it seems. Funny, to have knowledge of all the complications that could come up.

When Your Super Senior Comes for rounds

Most visiting friends were her batch mate doctors practicing nearby in SRM and the like. So yesterday, when yet another doctor said in her peter English, sorry K, we cannot have more than 1-2 visitors at time, only then, I learnt that my nieces were one month premature.

Then sis started relating story of how a hi-fi batch my BIL’s batch was. The doctor was ss’ super senior and BIL’s senior. BIL’s batch had SRMC Uddayar’s grandson studying. It also had Governor Reddy’s grand-daughter and lots of NRIs. So when BIL scored a goal against the grandsons team in football. For the next round, he and others playing well, were asked to play without shoes and socks. Only during university level football matches, they became friends. Ok leave side stories.

God’s amazing way of inculcating responsibility. Child is indeed the father of the man.

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