Saturday, August 31, 2013

Why do people Saamy Aadify?

I remember there was a discovery channel or NatGeo channel program, which showed how a person praying to Lord Muruga gets temporarily into trance. Chemical changes explained it away.

Few First hand experiences
There is a temple near our place shortened to Sithoonavayal. It was supposed to be inhabited by siddhars (accomplished ones) in the past. A temple lay submerged under the earth. And a local soothsayer, who had got the blessings of the wandering monks by feeding them, wants to build a temple on top of the submerged temple. For years, great many number of people would come and participate in anna dhanam, till government put barbed wire on that place. It is somewhere near where IIM trichy is coming up and Swamy said, how government officials from Bangalore came to buy land there, while prices were cheaper. 

That temple was the place where I saw folks getting into trance just like that. There was this middle aged lady, who was sitting next to me silently. The next second, she was at some distance and she got into fits or trance and was shaking all over. Around that small temple, one woman, got on her knees and started hissing like a snake and went around that Muruga temple. There was something in the air. Like the balayogi temple here, where folks are forever in trance like a mantra tied hens.
A Pooja function at home
My relative was going for ayyapa swamy pilgrimage and there was big pooja. Gods were invoked and swamys were fed first before having food. Just around maha arati time, the dead grandmother entered her grandson. Most of the planets were in their own house in his chart. The grandmother had a hip problem and the grandson, complained of the same hip problem and it took some hours for him to come back to normalcy. I was like thinking, does the dead soul still cling to the physical body problem even after quitting body. Whatever!!! Need to investigate this in detail later.

Our admin lady dragged me to Chinmaya mission Krishna temple on CMH road and I was awestruck with the floral decorations. So beautiful Krishna was. Madhuram!! Madhuram!! I was quite pleased and was glad. The day after next, the grandson’s saga came out. Seems, like the trance prone grandson had gone with his friends for Gokulastami to Marina Beach. One of his thiruvanamalai friend was swept off due to sea current and his body landed up in Ennore beach some 25+ kms away the next day. What gives watery grave? Sudden transformations. A fun day at beach becomes the last day. What if I was dead right now? What is the most important thing I would have liked to done before I die? That sithoona vayal subramanya swamy temple needs to be re-constructed. A temple where everyone can have proper darshan and old people have place to sit. Need to repay pitru-rin by sponsoring or adopting a child and providing for it.  Need to give back while am still alive. Scriptures say, the soul first ensures its next birth for the non-moksha folks, before it quits this body. Long life ahead for me. Miles to go before I sleep.

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