Sunday, May 19, 2013

Kakamanci - Manathakkali - Solanum nigrum - Black nightshade

When terrace mango leaves decompose is the soil, leaves are quite big unlike what we get with street hawkers.

Typically, Saturday is the day to eat all green leafy vegetables and sunday to eat spicy paneer pulavs. But it so happened that Mom and I went visiting, ate at our cousin's place and we forgot the keep the curd inside the fridge and the manathakkali meant for saturday got carried over to sunday and curd became mor kolumbu.

After reading autobiography of a yogi, i was curious to see how a poori fried in ghee tasted like and it became an instant hit. So we bought 1 kg ghee and 1 kg gingely oil, in spite of it being summer season and made ghee pooris. A very rare occasion when i make ghee pooris in summer. Actually it was because, mom had not prepared idly batter. Otherwise, it would be idlies with ridge gourd chutney and one ghee dosa.

So decided to make manathakkali pooris with carrot moong dal. It was sheer ambrosia that i over ate. It was so hard to keep awake after gorging in.

Saturday 4:30 am, the moment, i reached market, the hawker saw my searching eyes and asked, if i wanted manathakkali and he sold it for 12 a bunch.  This time, i was lost in my thoughts, when i went to market. I didn't think about God perhaps. I wore loose unisex t-shirt and not the fitting ladies tshirt and still two vegetable hawkers cried out idli vadai poori pongal as i passed by. Guess, the sun should not bother about barking dogs.
Manathakkali Carrot
Manathakkali Keerai Pooris with Carrot Dalma

 Mom read out Ponnammal's thiruvilayadal and chopped vegetables, while i pressed all her cotton saris in order to keep sleep at bay.

Nei parruppu, Kothavaranga paruppu usili, Manathakkali kolambu, Mor Kolambu, Mambazham and dates
Manthakkali kolambu
Mor Kolambu
Sindhooram Mangoes Dates
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