Monday, November 12, 2012

Vaazhai Poo - Murungai Keerai More Kootu

Vaazhaipoo and Murangai keerai

Semiya Payasam, Mor kootu, Radish Sambar, Curd, Maanga thokku, Mixture

Wanted to make vaazhaipoo murungai keerai vadas. That is our favourite, but didn't want to waste oil. Wanted to make vaazhaipoo murungai keerai poriyal, but the buttermilk i added to prevent the plantain flowers from turning black, was left and also, sambar's excess dal, and excess coconut paste was also there, so ended up with kootu.

Health benefits of Vaazhaipoo - this

Who does not love eating on banana leaves - the distinct fragrance of steaming rice on banana leaf is simply divine. When we buy banana leaves from outside it is fine. But when it comes to cutting the verdant leaves from our own backyard, it hurts. We planted them as tiny baby saplings, saw them sport their first tender leaves, saw them grow up and gradually blossom into lush green teenagers and now no one minds mercilessly hacking them and eating on them.

Well anyway, it is a eat or be eaten world. I wonder, how kechari mudra helps one to avoid eating.

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