Monday, September 26, 2011

Couple of enthralling songs this moment

On few occasions, after wasting whole day on a non planned activity like now, kind of husky breezy songs soothe me. Like Saindhavi’s “vizhigalil oru vaanavil” I equally enjoyed the stylish spirit in her beau’s “yathe yathe” I have still not deleted the deiva thirumagal from my system, only because of this song, till I get the mp3. I just listen to the songs, seldom watching the videos.

saindhavi (jan 3)

Few of Bombay Jayashree’s number, I love to listen in loop are -"Naramughaiye Naramughaiye", "Vaseegara", "Unakkul Naane", “Malargale”, "Uyire En Uyire", "Paartha Mudhal", "Ninnai charan"


Different songs appeal to me at different times. There were days, when MS’ sriman narayana, jo acyutananda were on my loop for days, or lata’s vaishnav jan to. Most of the times, same old chithra’s ninukori varnam or Alka’s “Hai re mera dil”, Sadhana’s ‘Aao na’ allure me. Once upon a time Kavita Krishnamurthy’s ‘Pyar hua chupke se’, ‘Jaagte hain hai hum’ were my favs.

16 September 1916 - December 11, 2004 (aged 88)
I first realized those were her songs, only the year she died.
Lata Mangeshkar September 28, 1929

CKS July 27, 1963

Alka (Mar 20, 1966)

kavita (January 25, 1958)

sadhana (March 14)

Of the previous janma songs "ajeeb daastaan hai yeh", Madhumati’s “Dil tadap tadap ke …”, “Bichua” are still my favourite that have not listened even once this year. Those were the DD days, when on any Sunday afternoon, other language movies would be shown. Decades ago, the whole extended family was, and only 3 of us knew hindi, yet, only due to this one song, all of us watched Madhumati.

Once in Bangalore, Shivaji nagar, I was hunting for a cotton sari for chithi. This shop was in first floor with steep narrow steps. I found no saree matching Chithi’s specifications of a bangalore cotton without border for daily office wear. Every saree there had a border. Still, could not step out from that shop – for “Adharam Madhuram” was being played, with the fragrance of freshly lit agarbathis to mesmerize me. That song still beckons me. Though till date, I could not find the same audio mp3 that zombied me in that shop in 2008.

Ya, I go by popular choice, I don’t run behind singers or collections. I merely savour few mp3s that come to me without any effort, few songs, I would never consider deleting from my system.

As a school kid, I grew on a staple dose of

Alisha 18 March 1965
“Roundhe hain” and “Lover girl”

Sunita (April 5, 1967) - Pari hoon main

Our school teacher used to teach us "nayi dagar naya safar kadam mila ke chal". There was this cute school senior, who had missed her music test and she sang it in our class. Lively tune it was.

These are just few songs on top of my mind right now. There are many other numbers that have haunted me, which i play so many times over loop, that my bro and sis start running away, hearing the same song even after few days.

There was this (Apr 30, 1979) Harini's 'Yaaridamamum thondravilai" from thottijaya, that i have not seen even once, but this song was the one that i played on loop in my ipod held by belt, for almost a week, while i practiced walking on terrace after my ilizarov. My brother deleted the song after a week, unable to bear it being played all the time for days together. Only now I learnt that Nila kaikirathu was hers.

My professor says, tell me the songs you like, and I will tell you, the kind of person you are, your innermost feelings. Few souls with moon in 12th have such impervious sharing boundaries, but I don’t have one.

In agathaivu we were told that you can't enjoy anything without spending your vital energy life force. One enjoys a painting, or a natural scenery, by spending the vital energy of the eyes. One supposedly ends up wearing a soda butti if they had abused eyes, excessively desiring everything they saw in the last janma. Gone are the days, when i was engrossed assailing my ears with ipod ear plugs. I listened to my favourite songs all night even during sleeping, 24 hours, all places. Now I take care to listen to songs, without earphones and spare my ears. Thanks to 16 hours laptop's burning effect on my eyes, rather than gazing without blinking my eyes at some exquisite visual treat, i capture it in my inner eye and close my eyes and enjoy it in my mind in sheer bliss.

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