Monday, July 25, 2011

Effects of lover-spouse on vegetarianism

Yesterday, our whole family was shocked to the core. My sister apparently ate a slice of pomfret after 2 decades of vegetarianism (ok, she ate eggs once in a while). She said, her in-laws and husband were not comfortable seeing her have only rasamsadham, while they devoured all other creatures. So my bil specially cooked and prepared the slice and made her eat it seems. Incidentally, my bil is a thiruvathirai. My sister’s mil called my mom to announce her accomplishment.

The first instance I learnt, in engg college, was a Christian mrigasirisham (also sun Gemini) girl making her vegetarian boyfriend (scorpio – revathi) eat non-veg, because, she did not want to give up eating non veg. They are now married for many years.

Another instance in PG institute, was another mrigasirisham girl (again also sun Gemini) as well, who married a vegetarian cancerian thayirsadham. The guy has opted to remain vegetarian and the girl continues to be a non-veg freak. Separate cooking apparently.

My Gemini uncle is a vegetarian and my Aquarian aunt is a non-veg. She gave up eating non-veg for the sake of my uncle and adopted stringent vegetarian kitchen madis.

And people still insist that non-veg diet is healthier. No amount of explanation of decreasing energy flow or increasing accumulation of toxins up in the food chain would be of any use to non-veg eaters. Taste buds enslave folks to be blind and impervious to the bloodshed and merciless killing in a butcher shop. Why is that partners want the better half to prove their love by insisting on changing vegetarian/non-veg preferences? Ok, why bring in the cooking pot in love. All’s well, as long as couples are happy and loving.

P.S. Am trying to find a value for money course on ayurvedic cooking. AOL offers one, but am not quite sure, if it also explains the planetary effects on dhaanya in addition to health, nutrition, spiritual and emotional effects of food and cooking.

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