Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Destiny Changing Thirupattur Brahma Temple

April 16th Saturday

Our busload of bride’s relatives travelled from trichy to Kanchipuram and since Thirupathur was on the way, we decided to spend 30 minutes to pray. It was hardly 1 hour from Trichy. Unremarkable temple, till I saw Patanjali Maharishi’s sannithi.

Temple History (translation of tamizh booklet)
This temple has a east facing Rajagopuram with five levels. Once we enter we can see kodi maram, and nandi under rudraksh pandhal. (shelter) This mantap is called Veda Mantap. Going further we find Naada Mantap. This mantap has sapthaswara pillars. Once we cross this, we can have a darshan of Brahmapureeshwarar. He is supposed to have changed the fate of Lord Brahma himself.

Brahma’s Story

Brahma sannithi is present to the south of naada mantapam. The general belief is that there are no temples for Brahma, but the fact is, there is no shiva temple without Brahma. Brahma is present as a koshtamoorthy (koshtah - any of the viscera of the body, inside apartment; koshtam - surrounding wall) to the left side of Eashan from where abhisheka teerta comes.
However, only in Thirupattur, he has a separate, majestic sannidhi, that too empowered to change fate. Brahma was proud thinking he could create this universe and thought, like Shiva he too has five heads.

Shiva, in order to humble Brahma’s ahamkar, plucked off Brahma’s fifth head and Brahma lost his tejus and creative power in this process.

Brahma realizing his position, does a pratitishta of 12 shivalingas in Thirupattur and prays. Shiva is pleased and restores tejus, creative energy and additional blessing that Brahma could better the fate of any devotee.

Only those devotees, whose fate is destined to be bettered can ever come to this temple it seems according to this booklet. Yet like in any other temple, I see beggars outside.

Best days to pray:
Monday, Thursday, Thiruvathirai, Punarpoosam, Sathayam and birth nakshathras.

Patanjali Muniver
He is present to the south of Brahma’s sannithi. He is called nithyakainkaryaal. He prays to Eashan everyday and blesses the devotees with yogic wisdom.

I would have hardly closed my eyes in the Sannithi, when periyamma asked me to get up, since the bus was getting delayed. She was right, but wish, I had spent some more time meditating there on some Thursday.


Sandhya said...

I have visited this temple twice and so far things have not turned good for me. At the age off 33 when I have to settle in my life, I have still not got the turning point in my life.... Not understanding as to what is the mission in my life and what for I have come into this planet.... Might be it is all due to my bad karma..... I am requesting the lord dissolve all my bad karma and give some meaning life to my life.... May he dissolve everyone's bad karma's. The next time when I come to that temple, there should be a bright smile on my face... I will come with a thanks giving garland.....It is the lord who have created me like this...

SS said...

Well, shraddha - faith does work wonders. Have patience.